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Celebrating Earth Month: Arizona Muse's Testimonial & 600 Trees Planted.

Ed in the forest treating rosacea with forest cream

Arizona Muse's DIRT Charity

Arizona is one our idols, when she said this about Star Seed's products, we knew we had a shared understanding:


"Your products are divine. So impressive, they are so close to the earth! Thank you so much."

We are very proud to be supporting DIRT Charity, Arizona Muse's Regenerative Charity with 1% of sales from the Forest Cream.

Arizona is using her influence in the fashion industry to create regenerative pathways. After all, fashion is grown in soil, and the way we currently grow our raw materials causes tremendous harm to soil, and is a catalyst for climate change.

Aligned with Star Seed's ethos, Arizona advocates for cultivating and, in our case, wild harvesting crops in a manner that nurtures soil and promotes thriving biodiversity. Together, we share the conviction that soil regeneration offers a sustainable, long-term solution to climate change.

The Forest Cream on a green moss sandy beach

Photograph by Boni Chariot (Kilifi, Kenya)

600 Indigenous Trees Planted

In collaboration with The LEAF and the Cha Simba Association's 40+ smallholder farmers, Star Seed proudly supported the planting of 600 mature tree saplings. You can see exactly where they were planted here

We're passionate about virtuous projects, and this one truly shines. Last year, we helped establish a nursery that nurtured all these saplings into mature species ready for transplantation.

The LEAF's approach to tree planting is both innovative and impactful. By partnering closely with local communities, they collect seeds from the wild, cultivate them in a local tree nursery, and then reintroduce them to their natural habitats. This method boasts an impressive success rate of over 90%.

Moreover, The LEAF exclusively focuses on indigenous and endangered species, ensuring that each tree planted contributes to the regeneration of its ecosystem.

We're immensely proud of the growth and impact achieved through our partnership with the Little Environmental Action Foundation. Together, we're fostering community engagement and land regeneration, one tree at a time.

Ed preparing himself to use Forest Cream to help treat psoriasis & improve skin health



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