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With more than 1,700 five star reviews, The Skin Studio has already established itself as the best facial treatment destination in Parsons Green, Fulham. The Skin Studio is an extension of the famous Blush + Blow Beauty Salon, that was founded by Bridget O’Keeffe, beauty blogger, entrepreneur and one of London’s most sought after makeup artists.

Star Seed have landed a gorgeous shelf in the Skin Studio, whilst an exciting collaboration with their facialist is taking shape.


Beatrice Jenkins opened her first boutique on the eclectic, bustling Golborne Road in Notting Hill in 2018, featuring an array of beautiful own-brand designs and exclusively curated pieces from cherished designers.


The boutique effortlessly combines fashion, lifestyle and serendipitous finds collected from across the world. Star Seed has landed a shelf in the home spa area and do regular brand activations with Beatrice.

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Founder and lifestyle coach, Lina Mariam, realised that the internet needs a holistic high-street where conscious buyers and sellers can thrive with no compromise on their ethics.

The goal is to bring more awareness to a peaceful state to our daily busy lives, starting with what you consume, providing access to the best of
wholesome products reminding you its necessary to slow down and take care of yourself first.

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