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Bathe in the Pink Moon, Buds turn to Bloom.

Greetings Earth Folk, it's Emilie from Star Seed.

On Thursday, Ed and I had a little full moon ritual for the Pink Moon, burning a piece of paper with an old habit we were ready to rid off - mine said "lack of energy", since that has been the theme of this eternal winter season. Tuning in to the wisdom of the Moon, helps us better understand live's ebbs and flows.

The cycles of nature are repeated within us, for we are nature. Living with an awareness of the Moon cycle, can teach us how to distribute our energy capacity. When to rest and restore, when to move and create. For our evening self-care ritual, Ed and I apply the nourishing Moon Salve and the glow-giving Star Serum, to reconnect with ourselves, with nature, with our health. Before hopping into bed with a calm smile :)

I can't tell you how happy Ed is with his skincare routine. Getting your boyfriend/partner to actually take their skin health seriously has been a big step, and seeing how much he enjoys the small acts of self-love and kindness, has made my day time and again. Seeing how his formerly inflamed skin has healed over the past 3 years, since the birth of Star Seed, has been incredible. His redness has subsided, his face is youthful, glowing and people always ask him if he's been on holiday.

In the name of Mother Moon and my own cycle, I went to a beautiful restorative gathering last Sunday, called WoMoon Hood with body confidence coach Tallulah O'Hea and sound healer Sunita Kaur in the gorgeous space SOMA home in Hackney. We laid down wrapped in cosy blankets with our eyes closed and transmorphed through space and time to the ancestral soundscape of Sunita's drums, gongs, bells & rattles.

Sound Therapist Sunita Kaur, performing her magic sound healing ritual with gongs, drums, bells & rattles

I woke up from the half-dream state of bliss, feeling ready to softly connect with my new set intentions. Ready to learn and commit to learning, to grow and increasingly stepping into a role of serving the community with my experience and creations of botanical healing and music. Can't wait to see how they will start to intertwine, entangle, harmonise in the future.

Next up for WoMoon Hood is a full moon ceremony 4th of June, same space, but this time with exciting Dance & Sound. I personally can't wait. In the meantime, if you are looking to connect more to the cycle of the Moon, then join Star Seed's mission: To reconnect with the Earth, the Moon and the Stars, protect the skin microbiome, resurface healthy skin and help restore indigenous forests in Kenya.

Till next time, dream big, Mother Moon

With Love & Light

Star Seed's Moon Salve Facial Botanical Night Cream

Star Seed's Regenerative Skincare - Moon Salve Facial Night Cream



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