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Regeneration Project Update: Cha Simba has Grown 4,000+ Tree Saplings

Cha Simba Tree Nursery grows 4,000+ Tree Saplings sponsored by Star Seed

In the heart of Coastal Kenya, nestled on a rocky outcrop, lies the Cha Simba sanctuary. A biodiversity haven, home to rare fauna, flora, and magnificent limestone cave systems. In just 5 months since our last update in May, the Cha Simba Community Tree Nursery has yielded remarkable results. They've nurtured an impressive 4,055 seedlings into tree saplings, representing 22 different indigenous tree species, ready to be planted in the wild. The increasing variety of flora has shown the potential for biodiversity preservation.

However, it is not without its challenges. The team's surveys have revealed that climate change is taking a toll on flower and fruit development in indigenous plants, emphasising the urgency of our mission. Species are at risk of disappearing, and ongoing climatic changes are a stark reminder of the need for regeneration.

Cha Simba Community discussing the future of their Indigenous Tree Saplings sponsored by Star Seed

Cha Simba Indigenous Tree Saplings Nursery sponsored by Star Seed

We thank all our Star Seed Community for their continued support. With your help we are able to channel energy & resources into our sourcing areas. If you want to learn more and see the impact for yourself, you can experience our activities in real-time via our Explorer.Land Platform, providing complete traceability & transparency. Stay tuned for more Star Seed Regeneration updates as we work hand in hand with the local communities to protect, restore, and celebrate the beauty of Coastal Kenya.


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