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Experience Star Seed's Kilifi Coastal Regeneration in Real-Time & The Launch of our 3rd Project.

Hey, it's Ed, Managing Director of Star Seed. For years, I have been captivated by the natural beauty and challenges of Kenya, constantly exploring opportunities to make a positive impact. When Emilie and I eventually moved to Kenya in 2021, we knew Kilifi was the place where we could develop the full potential of Star Seed's regenerative products. As we immersed ourselves, in the vibrant coastal community, we discovered a deep passion for the lands and its people. We knew this was where we wanted to channel our energy and resources to reciprocate all the knowledge and wisdom that we had been gifted. And no where is more deserving than the majestic and now threatened lands of Kilifi.

I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that Star Seed's Kilifi Coastal Regeneration has gone live on Explorer.App. This is an exciting moment for all of us, as Explorer enables you to experience our projects via satellite mapping in real-time. This level of transparency & traceability is key to developing trust and support. I'm so excited to now share our impact and the latest news & stories from the ground.

To celebrate this tremendous milestone, we launch our 3rd Project, and in my view the most critical for biodiversity restoration, the Kilifi Creek: Mangrove Forest Community. Star Seed's botanical formulations rely on healthy oceans for its wild seaweed and algae ingredients, like sea moss, spirulina, and astaxanthin. And we have been looking at effective ways to preserve this precious marine ecosystem, and this is where our new project comes into play.

On Saturday, March 4th, and Wednesday, March 8th, over 20 community members and local partners, including The LEAF and Kivukoni School, came together to plant indigenous mangroves back into the wild. Over the two days, we successfully grew 1,279 native mangrove trees, including Ceriops Tagal, Avecinia Marina, and Rhizophora Mucronata species. You can track where our mangrove trees were planted via the interactive map below.

The Kilifi Creek project aims to restore the thriving ecosystem that once existed in Kilifi Creek, with its lush mangrove forests and diverse wildlife. Despite the years of deforestation leaving the shoreline vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, the community is defiant in its approach to ecosystem restoration. This regeneration project directly impacts where marine life is spawned (mangroves) and where coastal land gets protection (natural reefs/sea barriers).

The success of this project is a testament to what can be achieved when people come together for a common cause. It all started with a community mangrove nursery on Gastonia beach, where 7 rare species of mangroves were nurtured back to life in the wild. This initiative was a beacon of hope for the creek, producing over 20,000 mangrove saplings every year.

However, the project is not just about planting mangroves. The community understands that education is the key to the long-term success of the project. They conducted outreach programs, raising awareness about the importance of mangroves and the threats they face due to climate change, fishery, and ecosystem collapse.

Our partners, The LEAF also host workshops designed to train community members to become trainers themselves, passing on the knowledge to others and creating a ripple effect of change. The ambitious 10 year goal is now set: to restore the entirety of the creek and work with 10 community nurseries. Join the Kilifi Creek Mangrove Forest Community on their journey towards more climate resilience, one mangrove at a time.

At Star Seed, I'm proud to say we're on track to achieve our mission. In 4 short months, we've already grown 2,000 trees and impacted over 100 community livelihoods.

Join us on our ambitious goal to grow 150,000 trees and improve the livelihoods of over 15,000 Kenyan smallholders over the next 5 years. Together, we can create a world where nature and humans thrive in harmony.

Watch The Kilifi Creek short film below to visually experience our project. Thank you for your support and for providing a platform to share our story.

With love and excitement,


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