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The Eclipser: A Cosmic Ritual with Mother Root curated by The Secret Inspirer

the eclipser, a cosmic ritual with the moon cream

Hello Star Seeds,

With the incoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, we invite our Star Seed Tribe into a cosmic ritual between The Secret Inspirer, Mother Root & Star Seed.

As the Moon passes in front of the Sun on Saturday evening, the energy is unpredictable - as light and dark become closer together than ever. Blended under the energies, Laura Williams (The Secret Inspirer), a natural wellbeing consultant and high vibe mixologist, alchemised a deliciously powerful potion featuring Mother Root's Ginger Switchel, and our Rose Hip botanical from the Moon Cream, a radiant golden overnight treatment. This supercharged triple immunity and energy boosting elixir also includes Apple Cider Vinegar and Rosemary.

Our Cosmic ritual is not about setting any intentions but simply relaxing and releasing. So let's transmute any shadows to bring us into a higher vibrational alignment and blow away any cobwebs.

Preparing you for what is to come, we share Laura's poignant and potent words:

'Eclipses are a portal to another dimension. An intense and transformational time where things not aligned can vanish from our lives, and new things appear.

It catapults us towards our destiny. Not always an easy ride but the grounding, Earthy vibes of this Taurean cosmic happening brings the amplified potential of calling in the money we desire. It reminds us to connect to nature and use all of our Earthy sense to experience the pleasures.

Our bodies may call us deeply into stillness and peace at this time, with shadows illuminating where we haven't been looking after ourselves.'

Reconnect to the Universe and join us for an Eclipser: Cosmic Ritual like no other.

Emilie and I, share the belief that we are what we eat, and our food is medicine. To really make the most of this, we must deepen our knowledge of indigenous herbs that heal & reconnect us to the seasonal, cycles & energies of nature.

If you share this passion and enthusiasm, we have a very special offer for you. Laura has offered our readers an exclusive 2 months discount on the yearly living INSPIRED Membership - "your monthly toolkit to natural wellbeing” - with the secrets to feeling as well as we bloody deserve to.

If you want to live Inspired use code 'STARTRIBE' live until November 30th.

We can't wait to share our Eclipse Ritual

Emilie xxx



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