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Learn something new today: What is the Skin Microbiome and why should we protect it?

Hello Star Seedlings, it's Ed here, tuning into something quite exciting: the Skin Microbiome.

Over the past 10 years, I have been diving deep into the soil, studying ecosystems, land distribution, assessing risks in volatile climates & environments. On this journey, the macro political perspective eventually led me to the microscope, realising that the most biodiverse place on earth, is in our body and the risk we are now facing by losing it. What should come as no surprise to you is, as we lose biodiversity in our natural world, we lose the biodiversity within ourselves, for we are nature. An estimated 70% decrease in global wildlife is matched by a 70 - 80% biodiversity loss in our skin microbiome. All things living are interlinked.

With this in mind, I would like to explore what is on the surface of our skin, the skin microbiome. This refers to the collection of 1 trillion+ beneficial microorganisms (microbiota) that live on our skin, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

While many of us are aware of the importance of the gut microbiome for our overall health, the role of the skin microbiome is often overlooked.

Firstly, it's intrinsically connected to the gut and the brain. It's also responsible for the functioning of the skin barrier. It keeps you moisturised, exfoliated, protected, and pH-balanced. The microorganisms that live on our skin also play a significant role in protecting our body against harmful pathogens and influence our immune system & inflammation. However, many factors can disrupt the delicate balance of the skin microbiota, such as environmental stressors, pharmaceutical products, and a poor diet, leading to sensitive skin and inflammatory skin issues like acne, rosacea, and eczema. In short, it's the single most important element of skin health.

Scientists recently uncovered how our reduced contact with natural biodiversity is linked to the increase in diseases. A study led by the University of Helsinki has shown that immune-mediated diseases have increased during the last decades in urban environments. Moreover, that short-term contact with diverse nature-based materials (trees, soil & mycelium) has been found to immediately change bacterial diversity on human skin.

Now Imagine a biodiverse skin diet, that could host and encourage the microorganisms that improve your skin health and help prevent infection & disease.

Pre-, pro- & post-biotic skincare, have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. To achieve a healthy, balanced and resilient microbiome, we need to promote biodiversity on our skin. To allow the right microorganisms to survive and thrive, there needs to be an absence of chlorinated harsh tap water, chemicals and preservatives, all of which kill off the bioactivity of the microbiota. According to Dr Hamblin's Research, practically all skin products have water (unless anhydrous or oil-based) and therefore will have preservatives, most probably damaging some part of your microbiome.

At Star Seed, we are passionate about re-wilding the skin to restore the lost ecosystem with the necessary nutrients to flourish. Our Unisex, Regenerative Skincare range is unadulterated, meaning it's just pure botanicals. We avoid the use of water, alcohol, and chemical preservatives, to ensure that you receive all the nourishing benefits that your skin microbiome deserve.

Emilie and I were long-sufferers of sensitive skin, and with a history of rosacea in my family, I experienced first hand the need for products that protect the microbiome and resurface healthy skin. After years of research & development, we are proud to say that our high-performing botanical formulations help heal dry & inflamed skin, help prevent premature ageing skin and of course, give you that Star Seed glow.

The wonderfully natural colours of our products, green, ochre & amber, come from nature's palette. For example, the green from Neem, Spirulina and Moringa Leaf are star ingredients in our day cream Forest Salve, Moringa is a powerhouse botanical that contains high levels of antioxidants, including vitamins C and B3 (natural Niacinamide), that help promote youthful-looking skin. The amber colour in our night cream Moon Salve comes from wild botanicals like Jojoba, Turmeric, Baobab Seed and Black Nigella Seed. The last-mentioned, rich in B vitamins and amino acids, helps reduce inflammation and has shown promising results on treating eczema, psoriasis, and dark pigmentation spots. Last and not least, one of the most powerful anti-oxidant in the world, the red algae Astaxanthin. This glorious carotenoid, a red pigment created by the algae, is the star ingredient in our Star Glow Serum helping protect the skin against oxidation and sun damage.

And we don't stop there. Star Seed's culture goes beyond skincare and beauty, we look at health & wellness holistically and encourage you to immerse yourself in nature's rich tapestry with a varied diet that reflects the biodiversity around us. We are nature, so be part of it. Take off the invisible gloves, put your hands back into the soil and harness nature's wonderful power to heal.

With wild-foraged and regeneratively farmed ingredients we give back to the soil that provided for us. You can explore the wonders of the soil microbiome on human health in my previous article, Life depends on Soil Regeneration.

Thank you for taking the time to read more about the skin microbiome and our approach to health & wellness. We hope that our passion for natural, regenerative, and effective botanical skincare has inspired you to think about what you put on your skin and into your body. We would love to hear from you, so please do contact us with any specific skincare needs, or regenerative living.

If you're interested in trying Star Seed's Regenerative Skincare range, we offer a 1 Week Mini-Bundle.

With love & good health,


P.s. we hope you enjoy the view of our new garden office in Notting Hill. It's a small reminder of the beauty we aim to cultivate in everything we do.

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