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A letter to Earth, from our heart to yours.

Dear Earth,

It is with warmth and gratitude that we write you this letter to celebrate your life, the organism that we call home.

As I tend to my brother, Tom's permaculture garden in the picturesque Cotswolds and Emilie & her all-female band reconnect with old folklore in the serene Surrey woods, I think of the nourishing discussion Lydia (The LEAF) and I had earlier today at the Kilifi Creek mangrove project (listen & watch here). We spoke of mangrove species and how they bridge oceans to land, sequestering carbon, protecting biodiversity & enhancing community livelihoods. It was a reminder of how interconnected we are, and how we must strive to protect you, our home.

Emilie and I have been fortunate to witness your beauty in many guises, but none as breathtaking as Kenya's rich biodiversity hotspots, where your lands are stewarded by our last custodians, Indigenous Peoples. These journeys have exposed the limitations of the narratives that have shaped our thinking since the agricultural age - 'hierarchy', 'scarcity' & 'divide and rule.' Instead, we see a primordial perspective reemerging, where ancient species (humans) connected with you in a very different way. Exploring the lives of Indigenous Peoples around the world, we see communities living in harmony with you. Knowing that we are all indigenous to somewhere, I see today, like everyday as an opportunity to reconnect.

Nature is abundant and collaborative. When we embody your narrative, we experience no competition, just a beautiful cycle of energy. Plants offer their fruits, nuts & seeds for predation, to be recycled into the biosphere as a constant flow of energetic expression. We exist in your complex but faultless system composed of elements from our expansive universe. Your intelligence is innate and your gifts numerous. I mean the ability for all species to self-assemble at the cellular level, is nothing short of marvellous.

By reconnecting to your story, we experience symbiosis and the meaning of life becomes self-evident. To serve the greater organism, where every action is a transfer of energy towards a healthier, resilient ecosystem. This brings us immense joy and purpose.

We are re-wilding our bodies once again, filling each cell with the biodiversity that makes us whole. Shifting our consciousness from the head to the gut, we are able to embody and absorb your healing powers again. From the rich canopy of fruiting trees to the forest floor, we surrender ourselves to you, knowing that nature will hold us. Your lens is how we see and experience love.

Emilie and I feel blessed to be on this journey of discovery and re-connection, surrounded by the growing Re-Generation. Indigenous Peoples and thought-leaders like Zach Bush, Farhana Yarmin, Christabel Rose-Reed, Arizona Muse sing your tune, that we are you. These songs are the tuning fork for a regenerative world.

We will keep writing letters & singing songs to you from our heart, fuelled by the mycelia and soil networks that give life to us. We invite everyone everywhere to tune into this frequency once again.

Thank you for holding space.

Ed & Emilie Star Seed



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