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A Reflection from Medicine Festival

As Emilie and I write to you, we are on our way to the Swiss Alps for a week of deep connection, rest & self-care.

Star Seed raison d’etre has always been to reconnect people to nature. On our quest to do so, we have met an extraordinary community of people on similar journeys.

Last weekend was beautifully profound as we concentrated our energy on Medicine Festival. A celebration of indigenous communities, music & ritual, this gathering has been on Star Seed’s radar for some time now, having worked & collaborated on events with the founders in the past. While we prepared ourselves for an excursion into rewilding ourselves, we were unaware of how powerful this experience would be, a deep reminder, that we are all indigenous to our sacred lands.

Partnering with friend & facialist, Tallulah O’Hea we curated a Star Seed Wellness Space with Regenerative Deluxe Facials, using our 5-star rated, trilogy products.

On arrival we were mesmerised by the beauty of the festival; undulating hills, enchanting forests & fresh lakes. The theme of this year’s festival was Harmonising. Star Seed’s name stems from the Ancient Wisdom of Mayan Indian astrology, and the meaning behind the name is to Harmonise and Beautify with an artistic approach, bringing greater elegance & nature into this world. There couldn’t have been a more relevant theme and we felt very aligned with the growing community of conscious earthlings choosing to Join the Regeneration, (re)creating a world of harmonious relationships between species.

Highlights of the week

1. Mamma Wellbeing’s Wellness Village (hosting our Star Seed mini Spa) - It was our first time creating a wellness space for a whole weekend and we were blown away by the feedback. Tallulah was fully booked and our products were a perfect pairing for a celebration of botanical wisdom.

2. Advaya’s Talks

Hosted by the wonderful sisters, Christabel & Ruby Reed, we were privileged to hear from a roster of individuals including Sam Lee on our Interconnectedness with Trees, Satish Kumar on Radical Love & Sons of Zion on the medicine of men’s work

3. KOG - a musical demigod

A friend from the days of Arkestra, my music events business, we were blown away by the sounds of Ghanian High-life music. A journey of spirituality, afro-futurism & tribalism - the music was ecstatic and the whole crowd in harmony as we danced the night away

4. The Community

Attending the festival with our beloved friends, the Babe Republic, along with my father, Julian & step-mother, Ludmila - we felt held. On top of this we had the pleasure of reconnecting with the Primal Gathering crew from their 42 Acres retreat in March. Dancing the night away, sober but high on life, was a truly magical experience. When the music is amazing, you can’t sit still. Anything from Pagan Celtic House Music, to (not so) silent Afro disco with inspiring female DJ Lily Blue, dancing together in a community is what truly binds us all back together, to the roots, to the core, across religions, ethnicities, cultures, origins.

5. Ajeet & Aware

One stage needs a special mention, The Sacred Glade. Nestled at the back of the festival surrounded by towering oak, ash & pine trees lit in the colours of ritual & ceremony. We were taken on a journey with Ajeet & her prayers for nature and Aware inviting the audience to weave the songs of our time electronically. Singing in light language and channeling energy to the stars, our dreams blended around a blazing fire.

6. The Medicine itself

The food & drink at Medicine is vegan, organic & free from alcohol. We were well nourished by our friend, Chippy @ The Medicine Cafe, including fresh foraged food from the lands, ceremony grade cacao and deliciously uplifting mocktail elixirs from Karmaceuticals.

7. The Land

Wasing Estate sits on 3 lay lines and holds the wisdom of our ancestors. We were able to journey through the forest, dip in the lakes, walk barefooted and reconnect with the source of life - the soil microbiome.

8. Sauna Sessions

Each morning we were able to recover from a cold, damp night in the tent by enjoying a restorative sauna session with friends. With 5 saunas representing the different cultures of Scandinavia, Mongolia & America and LUMI’s Recovery Ice Bath, we felt our bodies revelling in the magic. Everyday reborn.

9. Workshops

We attended a number of workshops from belly singing, authentic relating

10. Haiku Poetry

And finally we were moved by the outpour of support for our Medicine Competition. Partnering with Vivo Barefoot, Tallulah O’hea and Mamma Wellbeing, we were warmed by people’s creative & harmonising poems. Here you can read a selection below:

Winning Haiku - Hannah McCollum:

'Stars align with the Earth,

The Earth connects with the Soul,

The Soul ignites the Earth.'

Haiku 2 : Naomi

'Stardust beneath Stars

Weaving sacred medicines

Great spirit we thank'

Haiku 3: Hermione

'Rhythm in my bones

Stars seeding in the ground

Gaia, soft on skin'



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