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How a Forest helped treat my Rosacea.

Ed in the forest treating rosacea with forest cream

Hello, I’m Ed, co-founder of Star Seed.

This is my story about an East African Forest, and how it helped treat my rosacea and skin inflammation, giving birth to Star Seed.

In my 20s, I frequently experienced rosacea, redness & inflammation in my face, which really impacted my confidence and daily life. With rosacea being a recurring issue in my family, finding a solution seemed non-existent. I mean it’s almost impossible to avoid daily environmental stressors such as sun, saltwater and general temperature fluctuation.

Rosacea is often characterised by facial redness followed by rashes or pimples. Other symptoms of Rosacea include skin thickening, burning sensations and eye irritation. While this sounds unpleasant, it's actually a very common skin condition affecting 415 million people worldwide. And the good news is, there are natural steps that you can take to prevent and treat rosacea while restoring your skin barrier.

That's when Emilie and I decided to take matters into our own hands. We moved to Kilifi, Kenya where the last remaining strip of East African Coastal Forest, Arabuko-Sokoke lies. Calling on the forest's wisdom, we discovered its potential for healing inflamed skin. Through interactions with local wisdom-keepers, we got insights into indigenous tribes' historical practices. Tribes such as the Maasai, Samburu, and Hadza have long praised botanicals like Baobab, Moringa, and Neem to effectively treat various skin ailments, while also enhancing their nutrition.

Star Seed looked to the forest with the same perspective. The Honorable Harvest is a covenant of reciprocity between humans and the land. The forest holds the wisdom, and with deep reverence, we share its fruits with all fauna & flora.

Welcome to Star Seed’s Skincare made with forest botanicals, wild foraged by local custodians. Pure enough to eat.

I hope my story helps you take control over your health needs. For anyone struggling with Rosacea please reply to this email today for a Free 1 Week sample of The Forest Cream. We really believe that our waterless, forest powered formulations can help.

The Forest Cream on a green moss sandy beach

The Forest Cream's botanical ingredients work synergistically to support a healthy skin microbiome, preserving the balance of beneficial bacteria and promoting overall skin health. Prebiotic properties found in ingredients like Sea Moss Extract nourish beneficial microorganisms, while antimicrobial herbs like Neem Leaf Powder help control harmful bacteria. Anti-inflammatory botanicals such as Black Seed Oil soothe irritation and inflammation, contributing to a well-balanced skin microbiome.

Ed preparing himself to use Forest Cream to help treat psoriasis & improve skin health

Understanding Triggers and Solutions

The human body is complex and every part of your body is connected. There is no one cause or one problem causing conditions like rosacea and it is more than likely that there are multiple causes or issues all contributing.

  1. Genetics

The risk of someone being affected by rosacea is likely to be increased by genetic factors so if you know someone in your family affected then you are more at risk of suffering from this condition. In fact, studies show about 1 in 3 people who are diagnosed with rosacea do have a family history. While we can’t control our genetics, several environmental factors are known to trigger rosacea flare-ups.

2. Skincare Products

Many cosmetic, skincare products, and makeup can induce rosacea and trigger inflammation. A lot of products today contain chemicals that act as rosacea irritants including alcohol, fragrance and menthol. It is important to avoid these products as these may be quite harsh on the skin generally, let alone on sensitive skin.

Studies have shown that diet is a major trigger for rosacea and certain foods are linked to rosacea flare-ups. Alcohol, mainly wine and spirits, have been shown to increase the chances of rosacea due to how alcohol is broken down in the body to histamine which can then go on to affect the skin. Especially spicy food, such as cayenne, red pepper and chilis, are also cited as a trigger inducing inflammation and facial flushing.

4. Stress

The National Rosacea Society found that 79% of rosacea patients are affected by emotional stress. It is known that stress can affect our physical health and skin negatively, and the same goes for rosacea. Many people found that their rosacea became worse after a stressful event. Again our mental health is inherently linked to our physical health so taking care of one will improve the other.

Ludmila using the Forest Cream in a natural forest bath

5. Weather

Another big cause of rosacea is the weather, particularly changes in temperature. The leading factor inducing rosacea is excess and unsafe exposure to the Sun, affecting 81% of patients. This is because warm temperatures tend to irritate the skin and increase the level of blood flow, causing flush and redness. On the other hand, many patients tend to suffer from winter rosacea, meaning that cold temperatures may also trigger rosacea. It is important to figure out which one affects you and it may be possible that both hot and cold temperatures trigger your rosacea.

6. Hormone 

Changes and imbalances can also cause rosacea. These hormone changes can be brought about by stress, or in women changes in their menstrual cycle and in menopause. Even seasonal changes, which we know triggers rosacea, can also lead to hormonal changes - changes in nature can change us as we are always connected.


My journey with rosacea led me deep into the heart of an East African Forest, where we discovered nature's healing potential. Guided by the forest's wisdom and the knowledge of indigenous tribes, Star Seed was born.

Our formulations, infused with wild-foraged botanicals, offer relief and renewal, echoing the harmony of the forest itself. As we reflect on this transformative journey, let's remember: healing is within reach, and together, we can embrace nature's embrace. Join us in this journey of renewal and reciprocity.

For those grappling with rosacea or sensitive skin, take the first step towards healing. Explore the transformative power of Star Seed's botanical skincare.


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