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Olivia's Story: Autoimmune skin attacks and help to heal a broken skin barrier with Forest Cream

Olivia is independent to Star Seed. We provided her with a months supply of Forest Cream to help treat her skin condition.

Olivia, 30, was eager to try our organic products after a series of auto-immune attacks that left her skin inflamed, dry & cracked.

We agreed to a months trial of our Forest Cream on the basis that it is formulated for dry, sensitive skin prone to inflammation. With its hydrating & anti-oxidant ingredients, such as White Snow Ear Mushroom, a humectant that holds over '500x its weight in water,' and known to be a more efficient and much more natural, regenerative alternative to hyaluronic acid, due to its smaller particles that can deliver more moisture. And with no water filler, added chemicals or preservatives, we felt confident that we could help accelerate healing and collagen production to boost overall skin health without the risk of a flare up.

After a month of using our Forest Cream, we are really pleased to share the results and also see a smile back on Olivia's face.

Here is what Olivia had to say:

First Impressions:

Olivia: 'My skin needs oil. It thrives being oily, as it's so dry. What I love about this cream is that the oil combination ratio is spot on. Other creams I've tried out haven't had this type of oil base to them, so, my skin sucks the moisture from the cream too quickly.'

How it was tested:

Olivia: "I have used it on my chin a little and my neck! My hands are the worst along with my neck. I've been told they will take the longest to heal! So for the purpose of testing the cream, I mostly applied it to the same patches on my hands to keep it consistent, oh and my wrists!"


Olivia: "The Forest Cream retains the moisture and soaks nicely into my skin without drying out as quickly as other products."

"I haven't experienced any reaction to this product. This is amazing. It can be common for me to experience discomforting sensations when using products (even natural ones) due to having such a sensitive skin barrier. Forest Cream has provided me with a solution that works just right for my skin type."

"During the time I used the Forest Cream, I did experience a big flare (unrelated to the product). At that time, the product wasn't as helpful. I was in a major eczema flare and unfortunately only the emollients would provide relief. I decided not to use it during this time and waited until my skin had calmed down before applying again. If you are experiencing severe eczema, I wouldn't rely solely on this, however, once it's calmed down and there's just dryness - this is when this product is the one! Providing moisture and hydration."

The Final Score:

Olivia: "Over all, I have fallen in love with this cream. For me, it's going to be an essential added to my bag whenever I need it!"


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