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Star Seed's Regenerative Partnership with 'The LEAF'

Star Seed are really excited to announce our regenerative partnership with The Little Environmental Action Foundation, The LEAF.

With our roots in Kilifi, Kenya, we are thrilled to play our part in restoring and regenerating degraded terrestrial & coastal lands and benefitting local community livelihoods.

The LEAF undertakes restoration of highly threatened habitats in biodiversity hotspots. Their method focuses on the triple benefits of biodiversity, carbon capture and sustainable development that derive from ecosystem restoration.

They plant 100% native tree species, prioritising species that are threatened with extinction. This approach supports tree diversity, the return of native fauna and the long-term sequestration of carbon, in addition to providing many resources and ecosystem services to local communities, helping them achieve sustainable development.

Star Seed will actively engage across 3 project areas: Pwani University Seed Propagation, Kilifi Creek Mangrove Restoration and The Kilifi Relics Forest Protection & Reforestation.

As advocates of science-based targets, we are humbled by the opportunity to work alongside the esteemed Pwani University’s faculty of botanists. Every metre restored will be scientifically verified across the triple benefits.

Join us as we deliver our collective mission to plant 1m indigenous trees & improve 1,000 community livelihoods through climate-smart training & technology!



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